Vandalism in the Birupakshya Temple. The Story about Birupakshya Statue, Pasupatinath Temple

Vandalism in the Birupakshya Temple. The story about Birupakshya Statue, Pasupatinath Temple

An attempt was made to vandalize in the Birupakshya Temple, which is inside the Pashupatinath Temple area, according to the Pashupati Area Development Fund. The idol of Birupakshya in the Birupakshya Temple is also worshiped as Lord.
Vandalism in the Birupakshya Temple. Story about Birupakshya Statue, Pasupatinath Temple

A woman who had lost her mental balance at 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon attempted vandalism. Madan Bhat, a priest, said that the woman, who had lost her mental balance, broke the wooden door in Birupakshya temple and tried to break the idol by shaking her idol. No one was trying to stop the woman from breaking the temple. Gaushala police have seized a copper snake after taking control of the woman after the vandalism. It is not clear who the woman is who has lost her mental balance. After the vandalism, the guard and police of the Pashupati Development Fund have been providing security at this temple. After this incident, priest Madan Bhatta has applied to the Pashupati Area Development Fund to strengthen the door of Virupaksha Temple. Nothing has been done so far for the archaeological opposite, the woman who lost this mental balance to demolish the temple of Kali.

Where is the idol of Birupakshya?

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has a temple of Pashupatinath. Thousands of devotees come daily to visit Pashupatinath. The lower side of the temple of Pashupatinath is the idol of Birupakshya.

The mysterious idol of Birupakshya

The statue of the Birupakshya, which lies above the banks of the river Bagmati, is considered mysterious. Because the opposite side of the statue lies below ground, the upper part of the waist is above ground. This idol is believed to be the end of the world when it comes up completely from the ground. No one has been able to say who established the statue of Birupakshya. According to the religious texts, there is a kali yug of 12 hundred divine years. According to the scriptures, the Kali Yuga is believed to have started a few years after the end of the Mahabharata War. After the demise of Sri Krishna, the beginning of the Kali Yuga is believed. It is mentioned in the scriptures that Lord Krishna died 35 years after the end of the Mahabharata War. In the Kali Yuga, Vishnu is mentioned in the Puranas as the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Madan Bhatt, a priest at Birupakshya temple, says this

Birupakshya ie Kali was born in a very poor family. After his birth, his father goes abroad to earn a living, but he does not come back after many years. The mother of the Birupakshya protects him by paying her wages. When the Birupakshya understands, he asks his mother about her father. Mom tells him he went abroad to earn but has not returned. Upon hearing this, the Birupakshya says to the mother, 'Mother I go to look for the father'. Looking-for-a-Birupakshya, the 17-year-old may be young, but he can't find out anything about his father.

The interesting fact between Birupakshya ie Kali and her mother

Birupakshya, who has gone home for many years, goes out to look for his father. One night while they are searching, they arrive in the cave. Birupakshya also goes to the cave to find their father in that cave. Mother and son do not know each other because it is night time. As the night unfolds, the young man begins to have intercourse between the frantic and sexually hungry mothers for many years. When they talked to the underdog woman about who I had sex within the morning, they found out that they were her mother. Then he beats himself up. He comes to the temple of Pashupatinath to ask for help from Pashupatinath, on how to get rid of this sin. At that time Shivaji breaks down and becomes obese. When asked by Birupakshya to take Shivaji, Shivaji advises that all sins are destroyed after drinking 12 cups of copper. They begin to heat 12 cups of copper, believing that the sin of their mother's sin is destroyed. When he opened the container for the copper, whether it is hot or hot, the copper wrap covers the face of the Birupakshya. In this way, all his face became mutilated and it is believed that his name was Birupakshya.

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