How to Become Computer Operator in Nepal?

How to become a computer operator in Nepal?

Through this article, you will find out what you need to do to become a computer operator in Nepal. A computer operator refers to a person who works well on a computer. The main tasks a computer operator has to do are typing, editing, printing, and so on.
How to Become Computer Operator in Nepal

If you are interested in securing a job in a computer operator, there are many things that you can learn.

First of all, you need to know where the job of a computer operator is, for which you have to look at different magazines. Or you can also find out by searching on Google.

How to prepare a computer operator?

If you know the basics of the computer, you can prepare for a home computer operator. For those preparing for home-based computer operators, a book called Computer Operator Google, written by Er. Subhash Chandra Gautam and Ram Babu Adhikari are excellent. 

Computer Operator Book - Computer Operator Google Books Front and Back Cover.

Computer Operator Preparation - Computer Operator Book - Computer Operator Google Books Front
Computer Operator Preparation - Computer Operator Book - Computer Operator Google Books Back

If you study this Google book properly, the chances are high. If you do not know anything about computers, you can go to a good institute and get 5-6 months of training and after that the computer operator is ready.

Qualification for computer operator in Nepal

When preparing a computer operator, the examiner's office should prepare in detail according to the syllabus issued by it. What kind of questions were asked in the previous year while preparing, should also be prepared? Also, while preparing for the exam, you should also know what arrangements are being made about the IT sector in Nepal's constitution and laws. It is important to know the following, especially for a computer operator.
  • Devanagari and English with proficient computer typing.
  • Easy to use and knowledge of operating systems.
  • Can perform file and disk management tasks.
  • Access to computer's printer, CD-ROM, Multimedia and other accessories.
  • Using the Word Processor to create documents as needed.
  • Can create electronic spreadsheets and process data.
  • Perform software installation and customization.
  • Protect Computer Accessories and Software from Computer-related threats.
  • Can work well with Database
  • Must be able to perform general tasks related to presentation and web designing.

Computer Operator Exam Plan

The computer operator's exam is done in 3 steps.

  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam &
  • Interview

Only those who pass the written test can take part in the practical exam and interview. The written test consists of 50 objective multiple-choice questions. That is, a question has 4 options. The correct answer is to be written in the answer book only. Incorrect answers are deducted by 20%. So If you do not know the answer then it is best to leave that question.

What to do after passing the written exam?

After passing the written test, it takes about 1 month for the practical exam and interview. At that time most of the practical exam questions need to be prepared.

What is asked in the practical exam?

Typing in Devanagari means Nepali.
You Must type in English. 
Given the work that needs to be done in Microsoft Word, it has to be done.
Given the work that needs to be done in Microsoft Excel, it has to be done.
Given the work that needs to be done in Microsoft Access, it has to be done.
Given the work that needs to be done at Microsoft PowerPoint, it needs to be done.
Given the question regarding web page designing, it should be completed.

The above questions asked in the practical exam should be completed within the given time. 
Interviews must be completed after the practical exam is completed. Interviews are usually asked in the course of a computer operator's course. Sometimes questions are asked from outside the curriculum as computer studies should be done in-depth.

Lastly, following the steps given above can be done while preparing the computer operator. Competition for the position of Computer Operator is very high nowadays, but no one can stop it from getting passed while preparing well.

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  1. Computer operater ko lagi computer traning cetificate chahexa?

    1. Kamti ma 6 months ko training liyeko certificate chahinxa. Sahayek Computer Operator ko lagi 3 months ko certificate chahinxa. Comment garnu bhayeko ma dherai dherai dhanyebad.

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