Nepali Calendar 2079, Nepali Patro 2079 with Dashain and Nepali Calendar 2079 in PDF Format.

If you have come to this blog by searching for Nepali Calendar 2079 or Nepali Patro 2079 or Hamro patro 2079 on the internet then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you can see the dates of the Nepali calendar 2079 from Baishakh to Chaitra, festivals, cultural days, national days, public holidays, and other dates. You can also Download Nepali Calendar 2079 in PDF format. In this 2079 nepali calendar with tithi and you can find nepali calendar 2079 tihar and nepali calendar 2079 Dashain.

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Nepali Calendar 2079 Baishakh to Chaitra

Nepali Calendar 2079 in PDF format

If you need the Nepali Calendar 2079 in PDF format, you can download the Nepali Calendar 2079 or Nepali Patro 2079 by clicking on the link below.

Nepali Calendar 2079 in PDF format

The Nepali calendar is officially used in Nepal. The Nepali calendar based on Bikram Sambat is the national calendar of Nepal. According to the Nepali calendar, the new year start on the 1st of Baishakh. Nepalese celebrates Baishakh's first day as the New Year.

There are 12 months in the Nepali calendar.













In order to create a Nepali calendar, the Nepal Panchang Adjudicating Committee calculates the calendar and publishes the Nepali calendar.

The date of both Vikram Sambat and AD Sambat can be seen in the Nepali calendar. There are 7 bars in the Nepali calendar. They are as follows.

Aaitbar (Sunday): - This is the first day in the Nepali calendar prepared according to Vikram Sambat. In a period of 1 week, it starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

Sombar (Monday): - This is the second day of the week. On this day, women perform brata in the name of Lord Shiva.

Mangalbar (Tuesday): - This is the third day of the week. According to astrology, Mangalwar is named after the planet Mars.

Budhabar (Wednesday): - This is the fourth day of the week. According to astrology, Budhabar is named after the planet Mercury.

Bihibar (Thursday): - This is the fifth day of the week. According to astrology, Jupiter is named after the planet Bihibar.

Sukrabar (Friday): - This is the sixth day of the week. According to astrology, Sukrabar is named after the planet Venus.

Sanibar (Saturday): - This is the seventh day of the week. This day is a public holiday in Nepal. Students and staff are especially happy when this day comes.

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